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Brief, relevant readings that spark independent thinking and classroom discussions The Economics of Public Issues is a collection of brief, relevant readings that spark independent thinking and classroom discussions in Principles of Economics and Social Issues courses This text encourages readers to apply theoretical discussions to todays important issues and to gain a deeper understanding of current economic policy concerns....

Title : Economics of Public Issues (19th Edition)
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ISBN : 0134018974
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Pearson 19 edition July 11, 2015
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Economics of Public Issues (19th Edition) Reviews

  • Alexander John
    2020-01-19 12:19

    Note: This is essentially an applied microeconomics book. You won't find too much macroeconomics in this book (maybe that's a good thing though). I am a professor of economics and in the process of writing a detailed outline for an undergraduate Survey of Economics course for Organizational Leadership majors. The main text I am using is Economics by McConnell, Brue, and Flynn. Economics of Public Issues is a required book to complement the main text. This book is very easy for students to read. The chapters are very short (2-5 pages) and the examples are excellent. A theme throughout this book is the role of negative unintended consequences of government policy. I have never taken nor taught a course in public policy or political science, but this book might make a great complement in those fields as well.

  • Janielle M.
    2020-01-03 12:44

    This is one of the worst books I have ever read and I’m shocked this is college text. This isn’t a textbook, it’s the authors opinions on a range of subjects. The problem I have is there is very little or no counter arguments to his beliefs and virtually no discussion of the ethics. It is unbelievablely biased and no school should be forcing students to read this dribble.

  • Lynnda Washington
    2019-12-21 12:35

    The book is completely new and everything is the same as described. It is purchased for my ECON class which is very helpful for building a strong foundation with some realistic concepts in life.

  • Marguerite Abaddonais
    2020-01-20 08:15

    I have to read this book for a class in college and I have to say, it's probably the most concise and clearly written introduction to economics and public issues I've ever encountered. Not only is it well written, it was exceedingly well edited. Nothing in this book is superfluous and everything is relevant. I would read this book even if it wasn't assigned reading. It's very even-handed, it's academic without being boring, but basically the point of the book is that there's no free lunch: Public issues are issues for a reason; there is no magical system that will result in no cost somewhere to someone, and sometimes measuring the outcomes is impossible until you've already chosen a path.

  • Gary E. Hoover
    2019-12-26 15:33

    One of the very best books on understanding economics and life.

  • Rick
    2020-01-17 12:21


  • Amazon Customer
    2019-12-31 14:31

    Has the format and feel of a textbook, yet is easy to read, understand and conceptualize. A well written broad overview of government regulations and their effect on economics.

  • None
    2019-12-26 15:39

    This is a great little book to use as a companion to a textbook in any intro to economics class. Accessible even to people with no econ background at all, it shows how the principles of economics can be useful to understand a variety of different issues. The readings are short and clear, and they cover real-world, current issues. I would also recommend this to any reader who wants to learn more about the practical applications of economics.