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Your home is where life happens Melissa Michaels, New York Times bestselling author of Love the Home You Have and the best selling book and blog The Inspired Room, knows how it feels to become overwhelmed by stuff In spite of the messes and clutter that accumulates in daily life and the inevitable life changes that bring so much disorder in the house, a home should be a sanctuary With insightful ideas and helpful encouragement, Melissa will show you how to clear out clutter to welcome in what best serves your family effortlessly decide what to keep and what to let go ofdevelop habits that will simplify your home and your lifediscover the joy of daily routines and simple organizational systemscreate space in your home and schedule for what matters most Youll find a practical plan to jumpstart your progress in decluttering and organizing your home and plenty of tips to inspire you.Along the way, youll make room for the things you really love...

Title : Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying
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ISBN : 0736963170
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Harvest House Publishers May 1, 2016
Number of Pages : 224 pages
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Make Room for What You Love: Your Essential Guide to Organizing and Simplifying Reviews

  • Txbooklover
    2020-01-05 08:24

    I've been waiting on this one to come out and I wasn't disappointed! In this wonderful book the author encourages the reader to declutter and organize your home leaving only those things you truly need and love. But the book is not just about getting rid of's about having a more relaxed and fulfilling life as a result of it. She writes about a morning routine, the domino effect, creating order and enjoying luxury aka having empty drawers and more cabinet space. If you have "stuff" everywhere and feel totally overwhelmed by it, then this is the book for you!

  • Magical Dragon
    2020-01-10 12:07

    I wanted a book to help motivate me to de-clutter and get rid of extra stuff I have a hard time parting with.

  • Charles R
    2020-01-11 08:14

    My first thought is that Melissa writes in a way that I feel she is talking directly to me! I have her book Love The Home You Have and it helped me improve the look and feel of my home so much. I even got comments on how much better it looks! This new book has charged me up to a whole new level. I am so bad about holding on to things that I really don't need. Examples-I remember who gave this to me, I remember how much this cost, I might need this some day. For some reason reading this book has unleashed a purging binge for me. Through Melissa's writing I feel it's finally time and OK to just let stuff go. I've tried other methods before, but this is the one that is really working for me!

  • theresa d jenkins
    2020-01-07 14:06

    As always Melissa Michaels tells you how to find peace and joy in your home

  • KAH7
    2020-01-06 12:14

    I have all of Melissa Michaels. This is a good book on its own but it repeats what was said in some of her previous books. She has some good organizing ideas which I already know. But, that doesn't mean I have used them & it's good to be reminded of what can be done. As time goes by organizing needs change. It's nice to have a refresher. For the reviews that say she is just a repeat of the fly lady, this is not true. She adds warmth & heart to her books. She is very gifted. and, I love the coloring book!

  • Josh Woodward
    2019-12-23 07:26

    Great book! What makes this book different from other organizing books I've read is the focus on changing your thought process and mindset toward 'stuff' altogether. Not just a how-to-clean-out-your-stuff plan, but also how keep it that way. It gets at the source of the matter, which is the keep to sustaining any change! I love love love it and catch myself having 'Melissa' thoughts when deciding whether to get rid of something or purchase something.

  • Kids Toys purchaser
    2020-01-13 12:05

    When starting a clean up/declutter in my house, I always like to read a corresponding book. It helps reinforce what I am doing. There really was nothing new in this book. But like I said, it did reinforce what I was accomplishing. The last couple of chapters get all spiritual and I skipped them. But overall, mission accomplished.

  • Joan Hester
    2019-12-20 09:56

    I enjoyed the book, but I felt it was very repetitious. It included many interesting ideas for organizing and decluttering your home.