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A lavishly illustrated volume explores the world of Hello Kitty since her first appearance in 1974, describing her family, friends, and interests while showing the many collectibles that bear her resemblance....

Title : Hello Kitty, Hello Everything: 25 Years of Fun
Author :
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ISBN : 0810934442
Format Type : Hardcover
Language : English
Publisher : Harry N Abrams October 1, 2001
Number of Pages : 72 pages
File Size : 774 KB
Status : Available For Download
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Hello Kitty, Hello Everything: 25 Years of Fun Reviews

  • Baby Turtle
    2020-01-16 11:20

    As an adoring Hello Kitty fan, I loved it. While there isn't much to read, the pictures say so much. After looking at Kitty's rich history and girly philosophy you really get a sense of who she is and why the world adores her.

  • Sunnyside
    2020-01-18 11:06

    I was slightly disappointed with the brevity of this book. It's like a really "lite" coffee table book. So-called coffee table books aren't typically "heavy" on content, but this one is almost like an extended promotional brochure of sorts. A Kitty fan will definitely treasure it, as I do -- but it's just a bit of a damper for those who want the STORY behind the Hello Kitty phenomenon. There are tidbits of interesting facts, but not much that most fans don't know already. The full-color pictures of rare and unusual Kitty merchandise are the best parts of the book. It makes a good present for any Kitty fan, so don't let my being picky discourage any charitable impulses!

  • byzar
    2019-12-22 11:30

    As previous reviewers stated, this book does not have "everything" that's ever been Hello Kittied but still it's okay and a nice coffee table piece. My guests always reach for it when they wait for me on my couch and they enjoy looking at the cute pictures and are surprised to learn all the paraphenilia created by Sanrio. So it's quite entertaining and my friends and I have looked through it more than once even though we are not hardcore HK devotees. I did learn something about Hello Kitty's origins in the first few pages and the names of her friends so it's not a total loss. The items in the book need more organization - some are arbitrarily placed and there's no real sense of chronology in terms of dates (the years of the items emergence are all mixed up). The pages are nicely laid out but it did leave a feeling of wanting to see "more" from the collection because there are things I own that are HK that are not in the book. They can't include everything so maybe the name should be changed to "Hello Kitty Hello Something" lol. Nevertheless, it's really cute and eye catching and entertaining for guests (mostly female) and I'm happy to own it.

  • J. Friedrichs
    2020-01-12 07:07

    Although the book does not have every Hello Kitty item to date (and I would love love love to see THAT book come out), it has a very good selection of items ranging over the years, that Hello Kitty collectors (like myself) like to see. Anything from the laundry machine to the waffle iron to the car, you can find it in here. Even the Hello Kitty golf clubs and Hello Kitty GameBoy!

  • Sharann, One Strange Kitten
    2020-01-02 07:04

    I got this book as a gift, and was glad that I didn't pay for it. It's got some content, but most of it is just "fluff" for tha hardcore Sanrio fan. It has lots of pictures, including some vintage (that's my favorite Sanrio item(s) to collect). This theme has a lot of potential, and I hope someone makes a more definitive Sanrio "history" book, with more characters & information. I'm working on my own Sanrio history & such for my site ...that will have more of a history of the Sanrio Company. It was a good attempt, but could have been better if written by a more hardcore Sanrio fan.

  • Elizabeth Baldwin
    2020-01-04 12:09

    While i would love to see an all-encompassing book detailing *everything* in the evolution of kitty, this isn't a bad place to start. It's really more of a novelty book, but I for one, was surprised to learn that there's even a dang HK vespa! and now i can not rest until it's mine.

  • Mr. Daniel T. Carey-george
    2020-01-16 06:07

    Its is a cool book for the collector and a definate buy for anyone looking to get a book for a Kitty fan( which is what I was doing), but I couldnt help think it was a missed opportunity to offer a more indepth catalogue of info and rarities. Still, I am sure it will encourage a few more ebay wish lists!

  • cathony
    2020-01-05 09:27

    I thought this would be a much more extensive overview of Hello Kitty merchandise, but it wasn't. However, it does have lots of great pictures and greatly thrilled the person I gave it to for Christmas.