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I ve loved every one of Susanna s books She has bedrock research and a butterfly s delicate touch with characters sure recipe for historical fiction that sucks you in and won t let go DIANA GABALDON, 1 New York Times bestselling author of OutlanderWhen Julia Beckett moves into a beautiful old farmhouse, she soon discovers she s not alone there She encounters haunting remnants of a beautiful young woman who lived and loved there centuries ago Julia finds herself transported into 17th century England, and into the world of Mariana.Each time Julia travels back, she becomes enthralled with the past until she realizes Mariana s life is eclipsing her own She must lay the past to rest or risk losing the chance for happiness in her own time Don t miss the next enchanting novel from Susanna Kearsley, Bellewether, coming August 2018 Other bestselling books by Susanna Kearsley The Winter Sea A Desperate Fortune The Firebird...

Title : Mariana
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ISBN : 1402258674
Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Sourcebooks Landmark first edition April 1, 2012
Number of Pages : 384 pages
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Mariana Reviews

  • SLR
    2019-12-09 00:48

    Hands down my favorite author. This book creeps up on you. I have it in paper and on audio. It's a steady pace, but I kid you not when I say you won't be steady inside by the end. Rips your heart out and then sews it back together. Love this book. I love this author period. I would have to say The Winter Sea is my favorite, but I loved this book, Firebird, Desperate Fortune, Named of the Dragon, and The Rose Garden are all amazing both in print and on audio. Winter Sea is amazing on Audio. If you don't get any other ones on Audio, get that one. I won't give any spoilers away for Mariana. All I can say is that no one does a other worldly/supernatural element and transitioning between to timelines like Kearsley. It's flawless and you don't doubt the validity of what is happening in the story. Her sense of place is exquisitely written. The location being it's own character in the story. She's a writer's writer, sweeping you away with her storytelling.

  • Nancy Crays
    2019-11-22 04:55

    Mariana is one of my favorite Kearsley books along with Winter Sea and The Rose Garden. I hated to put it down to deal with my real life such as eating and sleeping.

  • suewbear
    2019-12-16 22:43

    This was my 2nd book by Susanna Kearsley. I am again rating it 4 instead of 5 stars because the beginning of the book was very slow and boring to me. The characters and their lives in both present and past seemed flat out boring to the point where I almost deleted the book. I am very glad that I continued because once the book picked up speed there was no stopping it and I was sorry when it ended. I also read the Rose Garden and have the same opinion of that book. If you can get through the first 1/3 of the book the last 2/3 will reward you for doing so. I would recommend these two books to anyone on the edge of decision...well worth the money. If you decide to download a sample you will probably not buy it and would miss out on a great read.

  • Darcy K Creviston
    2019-11-25 23:05

    I'll start off with the good things. Kearsley has a great talent for characters, and I always love hers. You really get to know the personality of the characters, as if they were real people. She's also quite good at settings and describing places in a way that you fee like you're there. Overall, until the very end, I liked Mariana. It had the depth of plot and emotion that I've come to expect from her other books.

  • Billie Brookshire
    2019-12-14 05:00

    Slow start, but once the players were set, it was hard to put down. I normally do not like books with time travel , mostly because you can get confused. This author handle this beautifully.. Characters are solid, descriptions of places in the book were wonderful.

  • Wendy McFarlane
    2019-12-11 01:54

    This is my second most favorite of Susanna Kearsley's novels, Winter Sea being my all time most loved recent reads. All this author's novels are based around a time slip theme and this was extremely satisfying. It's romantic and atmospheric with an engaging plot line which keeps the reader enthralled throughout. I love Susanna's sense of place and all her research is spot on with beautiful descriptions of her locations drawing the reader in to feel they are actually there. This story follows Julia as she moves into her dream house out in the country; one she seems to have been drawn to since childhood. There is an atmosphere though within the walls and surrounding grounds of intense sadness and as she begins to see a ghostly rider upon his horse under the old Oak tree, a shadowy figure who seems to disappear almost as soon as she becomes aware of him, Julia soon realises her sadness is connected to someone who suffered a tragedy there at Greywethers. When she herself begins to slip into the past life of a young girl at the time of plague ridden London she knows she must uncover anything she can of the history of the house and village so she sets out to familiarise herself with the friendly locals who take her under their wing. It's not long before she encounters the handsome chap who lives in the big house close by and as she discovers more about him and his stately home, she begins to piece together a tale of lost love from centuries past, involving a beautiful girl called Mariana who's spirit still seems to be waiting for something in the ether surrounding Greywethers and that old oak tree. Oh I loved this; pure old fashioned, romantic tale telling from a fabulously talented author, this is HIGHLY recommended. Favourite quote.."Try looking with your soul, your soul is what truly matters. These are your beautiful days!"