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Title : Craftsman Homes
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Format Type : Paperback
Language : English
Publisher : Ulan Press August 31, 2012
Number of Pages : 238 pages
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Craftsman Homes Reviews

  • Adam Selene
    2019-11-17 19:35

    Captures the spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement very well. I fully intend to build one of these domiciles soon, but it will be modernized. Technology in plumbing alone is enough to call for modifications to the traditional designs, never mind LED lights. However, the efficient design of these houses cannot be ignored and I will build modernized version of one of them. I especially like the idea of the sleeping porch and the nice big front porch sheltered from the elements. I also like the idea of the kitchen having a separate room attached to as a pantry an utility room.

  • Jon and Tammy Wanzer
    2019-12-10 17:29

    This book is a collection of magazine articles from the early 1900's on the Craftsman style of Gustav Stickley. It applies mostly to architectural design. There is also a section in the back that covers cabinet work including some furniture. It is a great resource for getting started in the appreciation of the Stickley-Craftsman style. It is also a good starting point if you are interested in building a Craftsman style home.

  • Amazon Customer
    2019-11-18 00:33

    great product

  • Kimberlee  Winslow
    2019-11-15 18:34

    Great and helpful

  • Mark
    2019-11-30 16:26

    This is a great reference for the beginner or somebody just wanting accurate information on Stickley furniture. It's a quick read with some pictures.

    2019-12-07 22:16

    This book has very poor sructural building plans. It informs of the classic arts and craftsman period and how it effected design. It did not inspire nor reveal any proceedure's on how certain designs were accomplished.

  • Peter
    2019-12-07 18:31

    Enjoyable read.

  • patsy
    2019-11-26 20:20

    This plan book is a little hard to read.The pages are too small and the paper it's printed on is too dark.Though I do like some of the plans.